Student Group Travel

Requirements for International Travel Involving Student Groups

Faculty and staff accompanying, leading or advising student groups to international locations for the purpose of research, education, internships, special projects, academic credit, or service learning are encouraged to have their plans reviewed at least 60 days in advance by the MUSC Center for Global Health. 

Faculty group leaders are responsible for:

1.    *Following university guidance and policies, including university travel restrictions and petition process related to countries under State Department warning or alert. 
2.    Ensure students register travel information with International SOS and understand coverage included in MUSC’s international travel insurance policy
3.    Ensure that students understand the MUSC Accidental and Sickness medical coverage.
4.    Complete and submit the MUSC Group health, safety and security form prior to departure to the Center for Global Health for review.
5.    Submit an International Travel Waiver to the Center for Global Health