Steps to Initiate an Agreement Proposal

Follow this process when initiating new agreements with a foreign institution to ensure appropriate support for the planned activity.  Please note that concluding an agreement can take a considerable amount of time, depending on the complexity of the planned activity and any pertinent legal or academic issues.  Any deadlines, such as dates for signing ceremonies, should be clearly communicated with CGH at least two (2) months in advance.

Step 1:       Seek college approval.  

  • Consult with the Center for Global Health to check on any already existing relationships/agreements with the proposed foreign partner.
  • Meet and discuss the initiative with the respective Department Chair, Dean, business manager, and other relevant colleagues early on to review the opportunity and its academic goals.  Email the Center for Global Health ( for a pre-planning consideration document for in-depth discussion.  
  • Identify whether the proposed partnership meets the University-approved criteria outlined for foreign collaborations.  

Step 2:        Complete the agreement proposal profile sheet.

  • With the Department Chair and Dean’s endorsement, the faculty member prepares and submits a profile sheet to the Center for Global Health outlining the key components of the proposed relationship, including a summary of the particular activities proposed, individuals involved, the duration of the relationship, funding sources, if any, among other related information.
  • An agreement will not be drafted until the profile sheet is signed by the Dean.
  • Submit the agreement profile proposal to the Center for Global Health at using the agreement proposal form.
  • Include as attachments any relevant drafts or documents.
  • The Center of Global Health will review and circulate the profile sheet to the Office of General Counsel as well as the offices of Tax, Human Resources, Risk Management, among others depending on the scope and needs of the proposed activity.  

Step 3        Contract development and negotiation  

  • The CGH and General Counsel will work with the faculty sponsor to draft an agreement or, if one has been received from the foreign partner, it will be reviewed and negotiated.  
  • Please allow adequate time – at least two (2) months for this review – particularly when financial commitments are expected.  Host country counsel may need to be retained as well as further consultations with other University departments may be necessary.
  • After internal review and approval, the MUSC faculty sponsor shares the draft with the collaborating institution, which may propose edits.
  • Changes to the MUSC agreement draft should be clearly marked in the draft and must be approved by the CGH and Office of General Counsel before signing. Depending on type of agreement, other approvals may also be required prior to signing.
  • The final agreement must be approved by, and signed by, the Provost.

Step 4        Signing Agreements

  • Once the agreement has been reviewed and approved by both institutions, the agreement should be signed by authorized representatives of each institution in two original copies.  The sponsoring department is responsible for securing MUSC and partner signatures.  
  • One original version of the signed agreement must be kept with the MUSC sponsoring unit and the other original copy will be returned to the foreign partner. In some cases, for ease and expediency, signatures may be exchanged electronically via scanned PDF documents.
  • The MUSC sponsoring unit must scan all pages of the fully executed agreement and email to the Center for Global Health at
  • MUSC Colleges and departments are responsible for implementing the agreement in accordance with all institutional policies and applicable laws.

Step 5:      Sub-Agreements, end of agreement, or agreement renewal

  • All Sub-Agreements must be submitted for approval, even if an umbrella agreement exists with the same institution.
  • The Center for Global Health will notify the primary contact and college dean at least 90 days before the expiration of an agreement. 
  • All agreements subject to renewal must be re-submitted for approval at the end-date specified in the agreement