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Before you depart, follow the steps below to register your travel with International SOS:

1.  My Trips.   MUSC faculty, staff and students are required to enter travel information inMy Trips” each time they are traveling abroad on university-related purposes. First-time users should establish a username and password, and answer some short profile questions.  “My Trips” is a password-protected website that is only accessible to International SOS and your school’s designated program administrator, and includes information on your specific international travel plans - flights, lodging, dates of travel, etc. Once completed, International SOS will email you a travel advisory with useful information about the countries to which you are traveling.

2.  Membership Card.    Print the International SOS membership card or download the mobile app and carry it with you at all times while traveling. 

3.  Emergency Record (Optional). You are encouraged, but not required, to activate your Emergency Record.  The first time you login, you must establish a username and password (please note that your login credentials for Emergency Record will be different from “My Trips”) and answer some short profile questions. The Emergency Record can store your personal health, vaccination and travel information securely online. It also allows you to upload important documents such as your passport, prescriptions, and credit card information, and to access this information anytime, anywhere. Emergency Records are only accessible to the member who creates them and, with their consent, the Assistance Center staff at International SOS. 

Note: Please note this is an assistance program, NOT health insurance. Before you travel, you should determine how your own health insurance applies to international care.

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If you have any trouble, contact MUSC Center for Global Health or email Kathleen Ellis or Rebeca Mueller at

On January 9, 2014 an official letter outlining the MUSC International Travel Policy was sent to all MUSC personnel from the Office of the President. To view this document, follow this link or click anywhere on the image below: /files/img/InternationalTravel010814.pdf