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MUSC International Bazaar excites the senses

By J. Ryne Danielson

MUSC’s International Bazaar was held Thursday, April 23 in the horseshoe. The annual event celebrates the richness of cultures represented on MUSC’s campus with food, crafts and performances from around the world.

One hundred sixteen flags were arrayed around the Horseshoe. Of those, 86 represented students, faculty, or staff at MUSC.

Emcees for the event were Delia Voronca, a Public Health Sciences student from Romania, and Janina Wilmskoetter, a College of Health Professions student from Germany. The two are co-presidents of the

Where are we going? MUSC travel by the numbers

Registration of global travel by MUSC faculty, staff, trainees and students has increased markedly since the university and the Center for Global Health (CGH) implemented a mandatory international travel registration program in early 2014. MUSC recognizes the need for travel security and health safeguards to protect employees while they are in the field. In January 2014, MUSC adopted the

MUSC physicians consult cases to demonstrate power of telemedicine in Uganda, Honduras

On a rare occasion you might find a pediatrician, neurologist, dermatologist and emergency medicine physician meeting to provide in-suite case consultations. Rarer still is this assemblage of highly skill healthcare professionals working together to diagnose patients remotely at clinics in Honduras and Uganda simultaneously.  The Honduran and Ugandan clinics are roughly 2,985 and 7,397 miles from Charleston, respectively. Through the power of telemedicine the two clinics were brought within a stethoscope’s reach at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Nursing

Donors Cure gives biomedical researchers alternative funding source

Scientists are, as Albert Einstein described himself, “passionately curious” about breaking new ground in their respective fields. Characterizing new diagnoses for ophthalmologic disorders, treating Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative disease with yoga, and new stroke treatments are but a few

MUSC women share stories of inspiration for International Women's Day 2015

“If society will not admit of a woman’s free development, then society must be remodeled.”
~Elizabeth Blackwell - the first woman to become a medical doctor in the US

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8 to increase awareness for women’s equality; promote women in

MUSC medical student emphasizes confidence in physical exam skills

Students of medicine find themselves deferring to their physical exam skills less in the course of their medical career, and understandably so. The advent of advance diagnostics has created a schism in not only preference of test over clinical exams, but the total amount of time doctors spend with patients.

Whether they are in their third year of schooling or 20-year veterans, the physical exam seemingly becomes a lost art reinvigorated by necessity in an era of technological advances and innovation.  Eric Singhi, third year medical student at the Medical University of South

Center for Global Health awards 2015 trainee, faculty mentor global health travel grants

Trainee Global Health Grant Awardees

Sara Atkinson, College of Health Professions
Project: “Implementing the use of adaptive equipment in Nicaragua

MUSC hosts Tanzanian delegation to show commitment to African Great Lakes region

Her Excellency Ambassador Liberata Mulamula of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania made her inaugural visit to Charleston, SC and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) on Thursday, February 5, 2015 where she took part in activities to highlight MUSC’s extensive involvement in the African Great Lakes region.

Ambassador Mulamula was accompanied by Tanzanian Economic Affairs Plenipotentiary, Paul Mwafongo in Charleston for a day’s worth of celebration to hallmark MUSC’s growing partnerships with institutions in Tanzania.

The MUSC Center for Global Health

MUSC Heart and Vascular Board of Directors hosts dinner for Tanzanian Ambassador to the U.S.

The MUSC Heart and Vascular Board of Directors hosted a dinner reception at McCrady’s Restaurant in honor of Her Excellency Ambassador Liberata Mulamula and Paul Mwafongo, Tanzanian Economic Affairs Plenipotentiary on Thursday, February 5, 2015. Jill Chalsty and Ralph Edwards, on behalf of the Heart and Vascular Board, recognized the dedication and hard work of the MUSC cardiology team led by Drs. Eric Powers and Peter Zwerner in battling heart disease in Tanzania, and reinforced their commitment to raising funds and awareness to support these efforts. 

Powers and Zwerner have been

A medical student's journey from the classroom to the field

Caroline West shared her remarks at a luncheon event for Her Excellency Ambassador Liberata Mulamula of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania.

By Caroline West

Hello and “Karibu Sani.” Jina langu ni Caroline West and I am a third year medical student here at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). It is an honor to speak to such a distinguished group of individuals today. Last July, I traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for three weeks as part of Dr. Michael Sweat's