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MUSC Advocate Takes on Sickle Cell Disease

The developed world has a surplus of knowledge, expertise and technological innovation at its disposal. Just in the past year the world did not know it would have an Ebola vaccine with a 100 percent efficacy rate or a disease detecting pill created

An Inside View of Medical Mission in Honduras

By Shakira Lynn

Shakira Lynn holding child in HondurasOn May 16, 2015, I began my journey back to Olancho, Honduras on my third mission trip with Mercer on Mission.  As the nurse practitioner with this group my primary role is to assist with the assessment and treatment of patients; however, I also work with students to help guide the flow of clinic and patient care.  This year our group consisted of nursing, pharmacy, medical,

Student Reflection from the Field: Elizabeth Bernard

It is difficult to begin to describe how truly wonderful my trip to Uganda was. As I sit to write this reflection, I am still in amazement that I was able to have this experience, see the sites and patients that I saw, and meet so many magnificent people. It provided more educational and personal growth than I could have ever imagined. I met so many remarkable people along the way, including the clinic team that I

Reflections from Thomonde, Haiti: Melissa Hite

By Melissa Hite

Joining Service Learners International (SLI) as a first year in medical school was not an easy decision, as there were many enticing opportunities for that “last summer of life”; however, I valued its foundation as a student-led organization that allowed a deeper level of involvement in the trip planning and also allowed continuity in a global project for the duration of medical school. 


MUSC nurse exposes family to mission work in Mombasa, Kenya

By Matthew Husband

Residents of the developed world rarely think about the lower levels of basic need found in Maslow’s Hierarchy. At its nadir, the hierarchy explains a requirement for things like water, food and shelter—physiological maintenance factors - that come easy in higher-income countries. Travel to East Africa, however, and you will see the daily energy expense of meeting these most basic of needs.

New Haiti orthopedic surgery residency rotation and education exchange provides bi-directional training opportunities

You do not need to look beyond the western hemisphere for stories of national resilience in the developing world.

Rudolph Richeme, MD provided an appropriately timed overview of the state of healthcare in Haiti and the unwavering resilience of its people during a lecture as part of a residency rotation and exchange program directed by the South Carolina Orthopedic

Global Health Clinical Elective in Tanzania Block 8 (January 28-February 22, 2019) RFA

Scholarship and Placement Limited to Two (2) Fourth-Year Medical Students
Application Deadline: June 12, 2018 at 5 pm EST
Earliest Anticipated Award Date: July 20, 2018


College of Medicine Global Health Elective in Tanzania

Course Description
This course is a four-week clinical elective in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and designed for fourth-year medical students with a genuine interest in global health and in caring for underserved populations.  


MUSC scientist finds adventure in mentoring, scientific discovery

From tracking crocodiles near barrier reefs in Belize to evading Hippos in Africa, Louis Guillette, PhD, has had exciting, adrenaline filled experiences most only dream of. However, nothing excites Guillette more than sharing his discoveries and leading the next generation of researchers to defining their cause.

Across the world, on every

MUSC pediatrics resident advocates for frontline service providers

The shortage of primary care physicians in the sixties begot a novel program for mid-level healthcare professionals: physician assistants (PA).

Eugene A. Stead, Jr, MD recognized the need for frontline providers early enough to develop a “fast-track” curriculum for students wanting to apply combat medic training as civilians but did not have the educational backgrounds to do