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International Women's Day - An interview with Barbara Marebwa
Barbara Marebwa
Student, College of Graduate Studies
Tell me about yourself and your role here at MUSC. 
International Women's Day - An interview with Maha Aldoughaim


Maha Aldoughaim
Student, College of Pharmacy

International Women's Day - An interview with Dr. Cristina Smith
Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy
Founder of MUSC Alliance for Hispanic Health
College of Health Professions
International Women's Day - An interview with Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick
Professor, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology 
SmartState and Kitty Trask Holt Endowed Chair for Scleroderma Research

College of Medicine 
MUSC Global and Public Health Week: April 1-5

Don't miss this weeklong series of events, sponsored by the MUSC Center for Global Health and the Department of Public Health Sciences, to hear leaders in the field discuss how they are tackling unique global health challenges. 

MUSC student team announced for Emory's 2019 Global Health Case Competition

The MUSC Center for Global Health would like to congratulate the following students for being selected to be a part of this year’s MUSC team headed to Emory’s Global Health Case Competition.

When getting to your next medical school class means an 8,000-mile trip

This Friday, three Medical University of South Carolina students begin a journey that will end more than 8,000 miles from Charleston in the East African country of Tanzania. They’re headed to Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, which sits on the coast of the Indian Ocean. They’ll also spend time in a rural clinic that has a research site run by MUSC and the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences focused on large-scale community-based prevention and care programs.

Emergency Medicine resident's reflection from Masindi, Uganda: Kyle Embertson

Here I went, into the depths of Uganda. A place I had never been and had heard very little about. The project goal boiled down to creating a curriculum for our medical students who visit One World Health Masindi Kitara Medical Center (MKMC) with the goal of eventually building a sustainable shared curriculum that can be utilized by both the visiting medical students and also by the medical officers and other staff at MKMC.

MUSC collaborates with Child Family Health International to expand global health opportunities for students

MUSC Center for Global Health is excited to announce a new partnership with Child Family Health International (CFHI), a leading international non-governmental organization that specializes in providing global health education and training programs for students and universities. CFHI operates more than 30 community-based programs in 11 countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States.

Pediatric resident reflection from Arusha, Tanzania: Michelle Greene

If you have been in medicine for any length of time, you can probably look back to a handful of moments that impacted you: the anguish of a patient death, having someone look to YOU as their doctor (instead of your attending or your upper level resident), the thrill of encountering a diagnosis you’ve only read about, the joy of curing an illness, the frustration with the healthcare system, the unnerving chaos of an overworked clinic, or a time you felt completely ineffective when treating a patient. Remember all of that? Take that, and cram it…all of it…into a 24 hour period.