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Haydom, Tanzania - Excerpts from MUSC Anesthesia


This past September I had the opportunity to return to Haydom, Tanzania with the Madaktari Program. This trip was special for many reasons. I had the opportunity to see where and how the Madaktari program originated. In addition, I had the fortune of making this trip with several other MUSC physicians: Drs. Dilantha Ellegala and Sunil Patel from the Neurosurgery department, Dr. Del Schutte from Orthopedics, and Drs. Eric Powers and Peter Zwerner from Cardiology. I described my trip to many as a week spent at a medical church camp. We stayed in hospital housing

Djole African Dance and Drum Company

Based in the small community of Union Heights, in North Charleston, South Carolina, United States, Djole is an African dance and drum company that was formed in 1999 as an avenue to get disadvantaged, inner-city youth off the streets and away from drugs and crime. Developed through a project conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina and the City of North Charleston, the non-profit organisation offers West African dance and drumming lessons to youth in this primarily African-American neighbourhood, supplements after-school and educational programming in reading and math and runs

One Brain at a Time, part 2: Are medical missions doing more harm than good?
By Tony Bartelme
The Post and Courier
Originally published 12:00 a.m., July 26, 2010
Updated 02:25 p.m., July 26, 2010

More than 500 groups around the world run upward of 6,000 short-term medical missions a year.

The flight lands in Oregon, 9,500 miles from Tanzania. Dilan Ellegala fills his lungs. No smell of wood smoke here. He just spent the past six months volunteering in a