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MUSC Center for Global Health Trainee Grant Presentation: Sara Winn

Sara Winn, a College of Medicine Student, will be presenting on her trip to Haiti through MUSC Service Learners International (SLI) and how the curriculum was developed for this global health experience.

We'd love if you'd attend to learn about MUSC Service Learners International and global health trips to Haiti! 

MUSC professor advocates for cost-effective treatments for cerebral palsy patients

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 10,000 babies are born with cerebral palsy, a disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture that is caused by damage to an immature, developing brain, in the United States every year. It’s been difficult to treat this condition without access to newer and oftentimes expensive therapies.

Love and Medicine: MUSC students bound by passion for global health

For MUSC medical students Sara Winn and Luke Dong, grocery shopping was not only therapeutic, but the origin of their love.  Between traveling the world for medical fieldwork and spending time studying in the library, all roads led back to H&L Asian Market, where these two students began making casual food runs as friends. “The first time I texted Luke and we really hung out on our own, I asked him if he wanted something from the grocery store,” said Sara. “He ended up joining me on our first trip to the store together.”

MUSC student writes about value of Global Health Certificate

By Thomas Larrew

I spent six weeks at the Clínica El Bosque in Bogotá, Colombia helping out and watching whatever I could, whenever I could. I remember thinking beforehand how medicine was going to be practiced in Colombia. Was it going to be in a wood shed? Would the doctor have nothing but his hands and stethoscope to do the healing? I may have been naïve, but for the most part this is how some think medicine is practiced in Central and South America.

MUSC Center for Global Health reflects on World Mental Health Day
Reflection: World Mental Health Day
Researcher sees autistic son flourish on African trip

By Sarah Logan, Ph.D.

I can see how my decision seemed careless. Regardless, I approached my family with the announcement. “You want to take him… where?” they asked. I reiterated, “To Africa, to Ghana, for two weeks.” Yes, he has autism. And, he may not be the most social person on the planet. But did that mean there was no place for him in global endeavors, to help him break out of his comfort zone? I thought not. Let me explain.

MUSC community to commemorate World Mental Health Day

Center for Global Health Awards Student Travel Grants for Global Research and Fieldwork

Global fieldwork and research offers perspective-shaping experiences for health care professional students.  Demand for global electives is growing rapidly as students nationwide share that these experiences are often a defining moment in their training.

Letter from the Director

This past year has been an exciting one for global health at MUSC.  In November of 2012 the MUSC Center for Global Health was established, and we have hit the road running.  I welcome you to visit the

Five MUSC Faculty Awarded Seed Funding To Expand Global Health Research

Developing innovative ways to combat global disease is no simple task. The early stages of global research—data collection, technical support and travel— take time, money and dedicated personnel.  One of the important ways The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Center for Global Health is supporting faculty is through the recent launch of a Pilot Grant Program, which provides seed funding for global health research projects.