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Center for Global Health expands Travel Grant Program to Support Trainees, Faculty Mentors Leading Student Groups Abroad

Nurturing student demand and interests for global health experiences is part of the core mission of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Center for Global Health (CGH).   In order to support the great interest, the MUSC CGH recently released a grant announcement to fund travel grants for trainees who are pursuing global health research, service or educational projects.  The grant program was first launched last spring, and due to the success and overwhelming response, the MUSC CGH is expanding the number of awards from six to 10 this year.

Enhancing Hispanic Health

South Carolina has one of the fastest growing Latino populations in the nation. The increase in the number of Spanish-speaking residents has been recent enough that the cultural norms and health beliefs of the Spanish-speaking population are not well understood by health care providers.

New Year's resolutions heard around campus

Many of you have made New Year's resolutions for 2014. By now, most have relapsed while others continue to defer resolutions 'til tomorrow, next week or next year. These forlorn resolutions (and pants you plan to fit in by March), whether kept or not, push us to live better, healthier lives. MUSC Center for Global Health reached out to a few of our personnel to gauge how resolutions are trending this year. See below for great New Year's resolutions and thoughts from your classmates, colleagues and professor(s).  

MUSC International Travel Requirements
MUSC physician reflects on HIV/AIDS progress

By Janie Thomas

International Education Week (IEW) 2013 takes over Charleston, SC

MUSC Center for Global Health collaborated with The College of Charleston, The Citadel, and Charleston Southern University to celebrate International Education Week (IEW) 2013 by promoting the benefits of cross cultural, global education. IEW is an initiative created by U.S. Department of State to recognize international education collaboration in the United States.

MUSC medical student explores benefits of population and global health

During undergraduate pre-med courses, Caroline West stumbled on a medical anthropology course that changed the lens through which she viewed the practice of medicine. West, a second year student at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and President of the Global Tropical Medicine Interest Group (GTMIG), credits this early exposure to public health for fueling her desire to help disadvantaged groups domestically and abroad. 

Giving thanks. From MUSC Center for Global Health

MUSC Center for Global Health hosted a Thanksgiving lunch for MUSC students from all around the world. From food, fun and friends, this is an event students look forward to attending all year. There was an Native American dance sequence and flute solo performed by “Little Firecracker” and “Spiritwalker” from a local tribe.

In addition to fellowship and eating, attendees wrote, with anonymity, what they were thankful for in 2013. See below for some great responses! 


MUSC Physician Assistant encourages students and faculty to get involved in global medicine

By Janie Thomas

MUSC Psychologists apply evidence-based PTSD treatments to global populations

Peter Tuerk, Ph.D.War and natural disasters cause far more damage than what meets the eye. Left in the wake of both are victims who have been exposed to physically harmful trauma that can evolve into emotional distress.