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Ashley Hall students reflect on HIV pandemic lecture from MUSC global & public health week
The response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is not a typical topic most high school students learn about in biology class. But, that’s what Allison Sill Bowden, a ninth grade biology teacher at Ashley Hall, had in mind when she worked with the MUSC Center for Global Health to bring her honors class to MUSC Global & Public Health Week to hear from keynote speaker Dr. Thomas Quinn – one of the leading experts in the world on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Response to HIV crisis can serve as model for other global health problems

The response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic can serve as a model for other global health concerns, whether they be communicable diseases like tuberculosis, chronic diseases like hypertension or personal habits like smoking, said Thomas Quinn, M.D., National Institutes of Health distinguished investigator and founding director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health. Read more on Dr.

The Post & Courier: Rebels ordered him to shoot his father. He was 6. Now he puts families back together.
Mohamad Nabieu from Helping Children Worldwide shares his journey of narrowly escaping a fate as a child soldier during Sierra Leone's devastating civil war to become a global leader and advocate for youth.
MUSC International Bazaar

Join The Center for Global Health at the Horseshoe Thursday, March 28, from 11am to 1:30pm as we celebrate the richness of cultures represented here on MUSC's campus with food, crafts, and performances from around the world. 

Contact Rebeca Mueller at for any questions or additional information. 

International Women's Day - An interview with Barbara Marebwa
Barbara Marebwa
Student, College of Graduate Studies
Tell me about yourself and your role here at MUSC. 
International Women's Day - An interview with Maha Aldoughaim


Maha Aldoughaim
Student, College of Pharmacy

International Women's Day - An interview with Dr. Cristina Smith
Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy
Founder of MUSC Alliance for Hispanic Health
College of Health Professions
International Women's Day - An interview with Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick
Professor, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology 
SmartState and Kitty Trask Holt Endowed Chair for Scleroderma Research

College of Medicine 
MUSC Global and Public Health Week: April 1-5

Don't miss this weeklong series of events, sponsored by the MUSC Center for Global Health and the Department of Public Health Sciences, to hear leaders in the field discuss how they are tackling unique global health challenges. 

MUSC student team announced for Emory's 2019 Global Health Case Competition

The MUSC Center for Global Health would like to congratulate the following students for being selected to be a part of this year’s MUSC team headed to Emory’s Global Health Case Competition.