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Thomonde, Haiti
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MUSC Service Learners International (SLI) is a student-led organization focused on delivering health care to the Central Plateau region of Haiti.  In Haiti, SLI partners with Project Medishare, who has a long-lasting relationship with the Central Plateau population and provides infrastructure and a health care model to which SLI can partner each year. SLI works in collaboration with Project Medishare to deliver healthcare in the Central Plateau of Haiti. The goals of the group are to assess the health needs of the patient population, train and collaborate with local health care workers, assist in the improvement of local healthcare infrastructure, and promote awareness of heathcare in Haiti.  The group currently consists of pre-clinical and clinical medical students and pharmacy students, with MUSC physician oversight to provide clinical guidance. Pre-trip curriculum focuses on Haitian culture and lifestyle as well as health care to prepare students to treat patients practically and successfully.  In country, nightly seminars focus on case presentations led by clinical students and physicians.  Currently, SLI provides care via “mobile clinics”: travelling to a different town each day, focusing on primary care services.   SLI has a continuing mission of establishing a sustainable, comprehensive healthcare system in the areas where it operates.

For more information about Project Medishare for Haiti, please visit

For details on the 2018 trip, please visit /files/img/SLI%20Clinician%20Recruitment.pdf

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