Faculty, Staff and Trainee Travel

Requirements for Faculty, Staff and Trainees (ie. Residents, Post-doctoral fellows)

  • International Travel Assistance and Travel Registration:  All faculty, staff and trainees traveling abroad for University-related purposes are required to register their travel itinerary with International SOS before the expected departure
  • No faculty, staff, trainee or employee shall be required to participate in an educational, clinical or research activity under MUSC auspices in a country for which the State Department has issued a Travel Warning.
  • Travel Restrictions:  There are no restrictions on faculty, staff or trainee travel to any country or location, but individuals are expected to consult State Department Travel Warnings or Alerts, International SOS risk ratings and the list of countries embargoed or sanctioned by the U.S. Government to explore other sources of information in arriving at their own judgment with respect to the level of risk involved. Faculty, staff and trainees should recognize that the existing warning may be changed at any time to a more urgent warning; they should also take into consideration that MUSC, the U.S. State Department, and local U.S. Embassy or Consulate may not be able to assist individuals in case of crisis or difficulties.