Cathy Worrall, PharmD

Cathy Worrall, PharmD
Assistant Dean and Professor
South Carolina College of Pharmacy

280 Calhoun St. 
Charleston, SC 29425


PharmD, Florida State University

Biography and Research Interests
Dr. Worrall is the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Experiential Education at the College of Pharmacy. She manages all of the international rotation experiences for students at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy. The students complete advanced pharmacy practice experiences during their fourth (final) professional year. These are elective, calendar month rotations that run May-April each year. For the 2014-15 academic year there were 44 international rotation placements in the following countries: Australia, England, Nicaragua, Qatar, Scotland and Uganda. For 2015-16 there will be 55 international rotation placements scheduled at sites in the countries listed above in addition to new sites in England, Greece and Spain. Dr. Worrall coordinates these placements and work with the Global Studies Office to ensure that our students complete all the necessary paperwork to travel to these rotation sites abroad. Rotation types offered at these sites include nuclear pharmacy, institutional pharmacy, community pharmacy, and academia.