World Malaria Day Speaker

Check out this exciting talk on April 25th at 4:00 pm in the Basic Science Building Room 502 sponsored by MUSC's Global and Tropical Medicine Interest Group!

In honor of World Malaria Day 2012, guest speaker Ms. Rima Shretta will be at MUSC for an update on the current state of the malaria epidemic.  Ms. Shretta is a pharmacist and has a master's degree in public health in developing countries with a concentration on drug policy, health economics, and epidemiology. She has over ten years of experience in malaria control programs, and she has worked extensively with the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) program. She has traveled throughout the world providing training and technical support for the pharmaceutical management of malaria.

The RBM Partnership is the global framework to implement coordinated action against malaria. It mobilizes for action and resources and forges consensus among partners. The Partnership is comprised of more than 500 partners, including malaria endemic countries, their bilateral and multilateral development partners, the private sector, nongovernmental and community-based organizations, foundations, and research and academic institutions.

Join the conversation and learn more about the fight against this global disease.  Light refreshments will be served.