Tax Information for MUSC International Faculty, Staff and Students

The following are important points from the recent Tax Seminar:

  • You must file both state and federal taxes.  These are different forms and will be sent to different locations
  • If you worked in two different states in same year, for example you worked in Alabama Feb-Aug 2013 and the South Carolina Aug-Dec 2013, it is most likely you will have to file the state taxes in the two different states (only one form for federal).
  • If you have received any tax forms in the mail, for example, the W-2, these forms are to be used when filling out your tax forms and must be sent together
  • Make copies of all forms that have been sent to you or you have filled in for your personal file, just to be on the safe side.
  • If you are a non-resident international, you may not file online. Page 34 -
  • If you are a not sure whether you are a resident or non-resident, please contact David De Werff at
  • Even if you are exempt, you must file! 
  • For Federal Tax returns, only you can obtain an individual license for $34 -  
  • VITA is a free tax service but these are volunteers and not all locations are equipped to help foreign nationals file their taxes.  It is recommended that once you choose a location, you call to be sure they are willing and able to help you.   Explain your status with them carefully!
  • When in doubt do one of two things:  1) find someone you trust that can help you (someone that is in or has had your same situation) and/or 2) pay a professional service (contact any of them prior and ask them what sort of experience they have filing international's taxes and consider shopping around for the best price).


Additional links:

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Form 8843   


If you have any questions, please contact David De Werff at