MUSC International Travel Policy

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*For the full version of the policy, please refer to MUSC International Travel Policy (PDF).

On January 9, 2014 an official letter outlining the MUSC International Travel Policy was sent to all MUSC personnel from the Office of the President. The Medical University of South Carolina (the “University”) is engaged around the world through education activities, research and service of its faculty, staff, trainees and students.  The University supports and encourages international travel and collaborations and recognizes that a global perspective is essential to its academic mission.  The University’s international travel policy is intended to promote the health, safety and security of all members of the MUSC community while traveling abroad.  Colleges or business units may have additional procedures and requirements that support this overall policy.

This International Travel Policy applies to faculty, staff, trainees and students traveling outside of the United States for University-related purposes.  This policy sets forth the requirements that faculty, staff, trainees and students must meet before and during university-related travel. 

Definition of University-Related Travel
International travel applicable to this policy includes travel in the course and scope of MUSC employment; travel that is funded in any part by MUSC or its affiliates (UMA, MUHA); travel within the scope of a MUSC sponsored research grant or contract; travel that is eligible for MUSC approved academic credit as well as travel under MUSC auspices for non-credit experiences; student travel under the direction or supervision of MUSC faculty or staff.  Personal leisure travel without University support and where University employment or study is not relevant to the activity, are not considered travel for University-related purposes.  Student travel with non-MUSC organizations may still qualify as university-related travel.  If clarification is needed to determine whether student travel is “university-related”, please contact the Center for Global Health prior to travel.

International Travel Assistance and Travel Registration
MUSC has entered into a contract with International SOS to provide security and medical evacuation services, assistance with hospital referrals, repatriation insurance and a variety of online health, safety, and security resources for the university community traveling abroad on university business or sponsored activities. NOTE: International SOS Travel Assistance is not the same as or intended to take the place of health insurance.

All faculty, staff, trainees and students traveling abroad for University-related purposes are required to register their travel itinerary with International SOS before the expected departure date. Registration provides information that will enable the University to activate intervention services on the traveler’s behalf in the event of a health emergency, natural disaster, or a crisis of civil or political unrest in a foreign location that requires assistance or evacuation. Travelers are encouraged to carry the International SOS membership card with them at all times during their travel. For a complete list of program benefits and to print a copy or download the mobile app prior to your departure, visit the MUSC/International SOS communications portal.  MUSC/International SOS membership number is 11BCAS084634.

MUSC travelers are not guaranteed International SOS insurance coverage for travel to certain designated territories and countries under U.S. sanctions. Personal travel before/after the period of time when traveling on University business is not covered by the university’s International SOS program, but can be purchased at a discount for that period of time by using your MUSC/ISOS membership number. 

Click below image to view MUSC International Travel Policy Memorandum from the Office of the Provost.